KRTEKS TEXTILE (la luce, L2 ve Qm)



 Addressing the different tastes of women, Krteks Tekstil started its activities in the fields of production, wholesale and ready-to-wear retailing. Krteks Tekstil not only became one of the most important institutions of the ready-to-wear industry in a short time with its strategies that it put into practice with determination and discipline, high product quality and consumer satisfaction oriented approach, but also managed to gain a long and permanent place for itself in international markets. With its production planning, Krteks Tekstil is among the leading players in Turkey.



Krteks Tekstil, with its global ready-to-wear brands, contributes to the style of contemporary, urban women of the world and is a complementary element in every moment of life.



In the ready-to-wear sector, we prepare high quality designs based on elegance, comfort and ease of use with our own design units. We plan our production in the best way and carry out or supply it in our own facilities. The vision of our production units is "to be the leading manufacturer that sets the standards of excellence in the production of women's ready-made garments in the world". As we move towards this vision, we adopt it as our mission to continuously improve the system and management quality, create an industrial organization that can fully meet customers' expectations of quality, cost, supply, flexibility, and prepare a working environment that offers participatory, happy and career opportunities to its employees. With the advantage of scientific retailing, we directly run our retail operations in every market we enter, with the quality of our experience. Going into stores is of priority and indispensable importance for the implementation of this policy. Our ready-to-wear brand is offered for sale in stores, dealers and wholesale customers. We open our stores in shopping centers and on important streets.



Established in 1994 under the name of Kuruoğlu Tekstil, the high product quality it offered as an export company in 2008 encountered an intense demand in the export market in a short time. This situation directed the group towards rapid growth. La luce, the leading actor of the group advancing with the goal of becoming a brand in the retail sector, was founded in 2009. Thus, in 2012, the first la luce store was opened on Istanbul Bagdat Street. La luce collections, designed for working women aged 25 and over, became a rapidly spreading brand with the positive transformation of the store.


- In 2010, the second brand of the Krteks textile family, L2, was created. The feminine L2 collection, prepared for plus size women who want to reflect their original style, has become indispensable for large size women in Turkey.

- The Qm brand, created for women who like to dress younger in 2012, joined the Krteks textile brand portfolio.

-The group decided to create a nationwide retailing system with more effective sales channels with the nine stores it opened in 2012-2014.







Krteks Textile

       Brand identity is one of the most important assets of a company. Brand identity is a unique set of functional and mental associations that the brand tries to create or keep alive. These associations represent how the brand should ideally sit in the consumer mind and make a potential promise to consumers. It helps everyone who has a relationship with the brand to understand the brand correctly. Starting from all these details, Krteks textile gives confidence to its consumers with its rootedness. It tries to be a supportive institution and tries to understand the needs and expectations of customers. It has become a consumer-centered developing institution with the condition of continuous renewal for its customers. It is an urban brand.


 la luce

        A brand new design process has begun with the intense participation of women in business life. La luce was designed for modern and urban women in order to create a clothing style suitable for the busy pace of life by emphasizing the comfort and elegance of working women. The models of la luce collections suitable for special invitations at the end of the working environment create stylish and feminine women. It has determined its vision as '' to inspire the life style of strong women ''.



       Created with free, young and different designs, Qm was designed in 2012 for women who feel young. The models with vivid and rich color alternatives symbolize the spirit of dynamism. With its vibrant and strong design, Qm creates a style that you can wear with pleasure.



      The L2 brand symbolizes the feminine style in large sizes, was thought out and created without missing any details, not being separated from the small size in its production. It is designed in such a way that women of size 42 and above can adapt fashion to themselves and feel stylish inside.